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November 25, 2007

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Xpertize as one of the new recruitment trends…

June 25, 2007

Hi there,

Sorry that we haven’t posted since a long time, no excuses! I attended a very interesting symposium last week, organized by our friends of Stepstone. Here is one of the presentations, talking about new recruitment trends…and guess, we are part of it 😉

Take care!


Survey results

May 9, 2007

Hello world,

Some days ago, we’ve launched a satisfaction survey: 387 replies out of 2256 sent mails to connectors!! Thanks a lot for your participation, this will definitely help us for our coming version 2! Here are some results that I’d like to share with you:
– 62,5% of respondents are men
– 89% say Xpertize is a (very) easy website
– 7% have already experienced one technical problem
– 55% use Xpertize to stay in touch with job opportunities (for themselves)
– 25% use Xpertize to find a job to a friend
– 20% use Xpertize to earn money
– 48% surf on Xpertize after 8 PM
– the competence in which people have the widest network is Marketing (11%)
– 52,5% find the rewards are generous
– 40% of people have 10 to 50 contacts in their own network

Et voilà, don’t hesitate to give your opinion also on http://surveyor.skynet.be/survey.asp?s=01110238253005 (in French only sorry).

See you!

Xpertize goes international!

April 23, 2007

Hi all!

Last weeks have (as usual!) been a bit hectic and very exciting. As announced previously, we are working hard on the V2 of Xpertize that will be optimized in order to facilitate the activity of Connector. We would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey we launched last week. More than 300 people participated to this survey that has validated most of the major improvements we are working on. V2 will definitely answer the biggest part of the concerns received through the on-line survey.

On another topic, we have been contacted recently by several entrepreneurs throughout Europe (France, Italy and Spain). These people are very interested interested in the Xpertize platform we have launched in Belgium, and we are thus exploring together possible partnerships in those countries. This would obviously create another exposure for Xpertize and would represent a unique opportunity to offer much more international jobs on our platform.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in respect of the above topics!


Xpertize 2.0 is coming !

April 6, 2007

Hi there,

First of all, we’d like to thank you all for your constructive feedbacks. Everyday, we receive interesting remarks/suggestions that will allow us to improve our service! Some of them are easy to implement (quick wins), others require more reflexion. But be sure we consider each of them very carefully.
And we are taking them all into account for the next release of Xpertize.be. It’s getting hot here, our brains are burning and we are looking forward to present our new baby 😉 Some web experts are helping us (usability, functional analysis,…). Expect some new great functionalities and more comfort! Everything should be up and running during the summer!

And yes, if you’ve any suggestions/remarks to help us further, don’t hesitate to let some comments!

See you

Practical case study

March 10, 2007

Hi all,

Two weeks ago, we got a new client from the ICT sector. The HR Manager sent us two job descriptions, open since begin of the year. Yes he had already met candidates but none of them was hired, no perfect matching. He had already spent lot of time and money in it.
Both jobs were posted onto our website (for free as usual). One of them (project management position) was directly forwarded (by e-mail) to all Connectors having shown interest for this kind of jobs.
Believe it or not, this job has been forwarded more than 60 times (identified on our site, so more in reality thanks to untracked forwards)…and 17 persons applied for the job…after three days!! Of course we didn’t send all CV’s as such to the client, we made a first CV screening and phoned candidates when the profile was indeed interesting for the open job…5 candidates were shortlisted and sent to the client.
The client decided to regroup all interviews on the next Tuesday, just 7 days after having sent us the job descriptions. 3 candidates were offered to meet some other people from the management during the week and one of them got an official job offer on Friday…a weekend of reflexion and GOAL! A real happy end as in AMerican movies:
1) The client found his perfect candidate
2) The candidate found his perfect job
3)…yes, a happy Connector, who had forwarded this job to the chosen candidate, earned 1250 EUR!

Let’s be honest, this is a perfect case, this happens not always so quickly but we already have many of such success stories! Just after 4 months of existence!

One of the happy founder 😉

UK-competitor secures multi-million cash injection

February 25, 2007

For those of you who read the internet press, you cannot have missed the fact that Zubka, a UK website offering a referral recruitment platform similar to Xpertize, has secured a multi-million cash injection from Benchmark Capital Europe, the top-tier venture capital firm behind eBay, Betfair and Bebo.

The most interesting aspect of this cash injection for us is that people are now aware that e-recruitment 2.0 will significantly modify the old-fashioned recruitment market. Commenting the news, Klaus Hommels, venture partner at Benchmark Capital Europe, said the following: “We instantly recognized that Zubka could transform the traditional job-hunting market in the same way eBay changed the trading marketplace”.